Why are we hiking?
There are many reasons to hike. To get away from it all. To get outside and have a proper adventure. To live minimally. To slow down and find yourself and your passion. To meet people. 

What you going to eat?
Food. And lots of it. It's said that you can burn 3000-5000 Calories per day hiking the trail. Trail food usually consists of granola, trail mix, peanut butter, jerky, easy noodles, mac n' cheese, protein bars, energy bars and other calorie-rich foods. In town is a whole other story though. All you can eat buffets, pizzas, beer, hamburgers, beer, bacon, ice cream and anything else you can think of. Did I mention beer?

Where are you going to sleep?
On the ground! In a sleeping bag! In a tent! Sometimes in a hostel or a hotel!

Aren't you going to shower?
Of course! Just not as often as you might like. Face wipes are my luxury item.

What are you going to do when you get home?
Who knows? Chase and I are both planning on being accepted into graduate school, so hopefully we will be packing up and heading to our respective schools. If we don't get accepted, there is always another adventure to be had.

Why did you decide to take the dog?

Just look at that face! How could I leave her behind? And she is just a bundle of energy and love. And my family won't take her. 

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